Sunday, 29 October 2017

Weather: Mild, Sunny intervals, Wind: NNE 8mph,

 Mega Melodious 

The Lighthouse of Legend strikes again! After the past few days of every bush and tree being scrutinized for Yellow Browed warblers the expectation  that something special would  turn up was at its peak, was it a surprise yes and no!
Melodious Warbler  Jeremy Bradshaw
This morning a Hippolias Warbler was briefly spotted on Lingham Lane by Jeremy Bradshaw but soon disappeared it was either an Icterine or the rarer Melodious Warbler, 

Melodious Warbler, Mark Turner.
With Many expert eyes on the lookout throughout the afternoon it was independently found much to everyone's delight by Mark Turner who was later joined by Jeremy Bradshaw and after some great views and many pictures taken it was positively identified as a Melodious Warbler, 

This is a Lighthouse First and joins a long list of mega warblers seen on Lingham Lane like Barred, Subalpine, Pallas's, And Raddes Warblers its also the first Melodious warbler seen on the Wirral peninsular since one was seen at Red Rocks on 16th September 1995, this is the 11th record for Wirral , 
Fingers crossed it will hang around and with many expert eyes looking out could another Lighthouse first be Lurking on Lingham Lane,?? 

Other birds in the Area, 1 Yellow Browed warbler more than likely the same one that has frequented the nature trail /duck pond, 17 Fieldfare by the western Kissing gate in  the horse Paddocks ,

Well done Jeremy Bradshaw and Mark Turner.

Observers: JB, MT, DH, KD and others 

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