Tuesday, 31 January 2017

31st january

Weather; Cold occasional showers wind force 5.

Grey Wagtail GC

A very quiet day at the lighthouse , few notable birds on lingham lane apart from 3 Goldcrest  along the hedge rows and 1 Goldcrest on the nature trail.
The long staying Pink -Footed Goose, GC

The paddocks proved more lively with a flock of 12 Linnet feeding on the grass,
The  Pink-footed Goose that has frequented the paddocks for the past week or so is sat in the same position it has been for the last few days putting a question mark over its health 

  A  Grey Wagtail was the highlight from the Paddocks ( pictured above ) along with 3 Pied Wagtail , Also 21 Curlew Sought sanctuary  from the rough weather in the back fields.

The Greenshank  was in its favorite haunt of Dove point groyne, and a male Teal was swimming far out by the sandbank 
Lapwing numbers were down compared to sunday estimated at about 100 today, 

Moving on to kerrs field the regular Mediterranean Gull was nowhere to be seen at 11-30am, but good numbers of Black Headed Gull , 2 Herring Gull , 1 Greater Black Backed Gull and 2 Common Gull sheltered from the elements along with 2 Oyster Catcher, 1 lapwing , 7 Mistle Thrush were at the back of the new paddock giving there famous rattling call as they flew over



  1. Has anybody checked on the health of the lone pink-footed goose, yet?

  2. Hi Nicholas,

    The Goose appears to be fine, in so far as it's happily flying between paddocks and feeding on the short grass. As you pointed out it is unusual to see a single PfG on its own. Best wishes