Sunday, 22 January 2017

21st january 2017

Weather calm, dull, very cold, wind SE 5MPH, 

An early morning trip to the lighthouse area was the order of the day, even before first light there was plenty of activity with numerous Herring gull being very vocal as they flew in land, with the calm conditions the Irish sea was like a mill pond exposing the sandbank, Oystercatcher numbers were estimated of 200 plus, mixed in with Curlew, Redshank, Dunlin and good numbers of Lapwing plus mixed gulls mainly Black headed some already showing signs of summer plumage

Heading west towards Dove point Meadow pipit were amongst the sea debris in search of insects, and a very nervous Lapwing was stood on the grass no more than 8 feet away a truly stunning bird with a wispy crest was a real treat it afforded me a few minutes to look at it through the binoculars , a bird that is sadly declining in numbers and is on the red list,

At dove point (Greenshank groyne) a pair of  Shelduck were paddling and three Little Egret squabbling over the best rock to stand on, 
The Greenshank frequents Dove point and can be seen with other waders including Redshank Curlew and Dunlin
Moving on to the paddocks not much could be seen apart from displaying Woodpigeon and the odd Curlew,

Highlights of lingham lane included a very vocal Song Thrush, chaffinch , greenfinch all reminding us spring is not too far away, Buzzard , kestrel , and a flock of 30 Meadow pipit and last but not least a pair of Bullfinch that can regularly be seen near the works site by tarran way golf course,


Tim Kinch, David Haigh, Ken Davies. Graham Connolly 

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