Friday, 27 March 2015

Surf Scoter Seconds

 Weather: SW-1-2 decreasing. warm and overcast with sunny spells.

The drake Surf Scoter was again off Hoylake prom today among a smallish group of around 700 Common Scoter. The Surf Scoter stuck out like a beacon with its oversized bill and gleaming nape patch.  The bird was much closer today and clearly showed an all black forehead aging it as a 1st summer male. 

A poor but passable? record shot was managed using the i phone and scope combination. I think it is clear even from this poor photo just how obvious the white nape patch is, even at distance.

Also present were 5 Velvet Scoters, 1 Red breasted Merganser and 2 Long tailed Duck. 

Some observers counted over 20,000 Common Scoter flushed by a passing boat mid afternoon. Also present mid afternoon were 20 Red throated Divers

With the weather looking poor it is unlikely the Surf Scoter will be seen over the weekend. Although we are on neap tides anyone considering venturing out onto the East Hoyle Bank should do with extreme caution and be aware of any incoming tidal channels that may be behind them.

Few passerines moved through today at the lighthouse bar a steady movement of Meadow Pipit and a single Rock pipit.


!st summer male Surf Scoter (AMC)


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