Monday, 16 March 2015

16th March 2015

Weather: Cloudy with occasional showers. Wind variable 1-2. Temperature 7 C.

The flat grey light and the lack of wind were conducive to good birding  today at the lighthouse. The rain,however, was not.

Nonetheless some smashing birds presented themselves for inspection. A stunning male Wheatear, inland of the western groyne, stole the show, but the accompanying 4 Stonechats (2 of each sex) enhanced the scene here.

On the return journey, some 3 hours later, all these birds had moved on. 

An impressive total of 150 plus Meadow Pipits and 4 Skylarks shared the Paddocks with a pair of displaying Lapwings. As recently as 2011 eleven or twelve pairs of Lapwings bred, or attempted to breed here, but due to disturbance from several civil engineering projects over recent years, the numbers of pairs have sadly declined markedly. 

A Little Owl called and was seen in trees just west of Lingham Bridge. This species was formerly seen frequently in this area but has become far more elusive in recent times. It is nice to know that they are still here.

A flock of 46 Fieldfares and 2 Redwings graced the Lingham Bridge area, no doubt congregating prior to their departure for Scandinavia.

A single Goldcrest betrayed its presence by calling within a flock of Long tailed Tits on the Nature Trail.

The northerly movement of Black headed Gulls continued with 375 birds being recorded during the evenings high tide roost at Dove Point.


Wheatear (KD)

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