Monday, 6 November 2017

Siberian Chiffchaff

Weather: Light winds, sunny. some high cloud.

A crisp and cold but clear late autumn day had observers excited at the prospect of a good days birding. Overhead vis mig was unsurprisingly at this time of year made up principally of finches. 54 Goldfinch, 27 Greenfinch, 5 Bullfinch, 18 Siskin and 3 Brambling moved through during the course of the morning.
The Siberian (Tristis) Chiffchaff that has been elusive for a couple of days finally showed well today allowing for a couple of pictures. A particularly well marked individual sporting a faint wing bar and green edges to the primaries. Two 'normal' Colybita Chiffchaffs are also present in the same area
A Firecrest was found mid morning but could not be re located later in the day.
The usual Tit flocks could be found around the coastal sallows whilst a solitary Jay was in Lingham lane.
Kerr's field continues to play host to a range of gulls, ducks and waders including 110 Lapwing and 27 Black tailed Godwit.
Tristis Chiffchaff (Eddie Wiliams)

Tistis Chiffchaff (Allan Conlin(

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