Thursday, 22 June 2017

Weather, rain am dry and cloudy pm. wind west north west 10mph,

June has been quite a quiet month at the Lighthouse with most of the excitement centered on other parts of the country with Needle tailed Swift's and Elegant Terns being the pick of the bunch , 
Seasoned Lighthouse regulars have kept their eyes to the skies and tree tops with few rewards 

Today was the exception despite the poor weather this morning a stunning adult Mediterranean Gull was spotted just off the seafront near the lifeboat station at Hoylake this was the same bird spotted at Hilbre Island at lunchtime 
Young Swallows  GC
With Weather conditions improving at lunchtime And not much to be seen in the paddocks and Kerr's field a sea watch was the best option even though visibility was poor Hopes of finding a Med gull disappeared with only Black Headed , Lesser Black backed and Herring being the only gulls on offer, 
A Common Tern passed from west to east and it was what we thought the highlight of another quiet afternoon until a Cuckoo flew in from the sea just a bit higher than the Lighthouse and headed south we then watched it drop down into Lingham Lane ,
A quick scramble down towards the fisheries with every telegraph pole and wire was scanned until we relocated it flying over the railway and local housing estate and veered off towards Bidston Hill more than likely on its way home to Africa , 

Cuckoo's were a once common summer sight and sound on the Wirral unfortunately they are quite scarce and any sighting no matter how brief is a treat, 

Other Birds in the area : There are large amounts of this years  Swallows still with fledgling features finding their wings practicing flying and enjoying the rich supply of insects if you stand still they are quite oblivious to being watched and photographed . 

Observers SD AMC GC 

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