Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Waiting for Doris

22/02/2017, weather: mild, occasional blustery showers strong north westerly winds .

Birding can be a very unpredictable hobby, some days you can go out full of optimism and you can return home very deflated other days you can go out with no expectations and return home buzzing with excitement today was more like the latter, 

With storm Doris fast approaching the winds have picked up in strength increasing the chance of a rarity or something unusual being blown in , Today it was something unusual in the shape of a Herring Gull (possibly Argenteus) with very pale yellow legs, possible reasons are hybridization , hormonal or maybe just a one 
Herring Gull (pale yellow legs)
in comparison with A typical Herring Gull (Argenteus) below Left
At Dove Point groyne the Greenshank was feeding in the gully along with a Little Egret,

The Linnet  flock continues to increase in numbers up to 30 birds  fed in the paddocks and were spooked by a very healthy looking now resident Pink Footed Goose

On Lingham lane paddocks 12 Canada Geese were grazing along with a Little Egret, further along the lane a male Goldcrest was totally oblivious to any attention it received, The regular pair of Bullfinch were just past the fisheries ,

One last  sweep of Kerrs field revealed a stunning male Stonechat situated towards the cafe corner of the paddock it topped a good afternoons birding, 
With storm Doris on the way who knows what tomorrow may bring


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