Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday 21st Mat 2015

Weather;  Mainly sunny with single shower at midday. Wind W F3.

With a brief respite in the constant and strong north-westerleys we have been having for the last few days migration resumed in the Leasowe area. 
3 Wheatears were new in on the horse paddocks. All large Greenland type birds, as is the norm this late in the spring. 
Many hirundines were in evidence this afternoon with a passage of around 50 Swallows following the embankment eastwards in small parties of between two and five birds. 7 Sand Martins also followed this route and around 60 House Martins moved eastwards mainly over the paddocks. A large mixed flock of around 60 Swallows, House and Sand Martins concentrated over the Birkett. 6 Swifts also moved east.
A party of 18 Ringed Plovers and 8 Dunlin roosted together in the flooded horse paddock over the high tide, with another 100 Dunlin and a few Sanderling on the groyne.
A pair of Willow Warblers are feeding young near the pond. Although a very common migrant here they only occasionally breed here.   Observers AMC EW
Wheatear.   EW

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