Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday 20th April 2015

Weather;  Warm and sunny all day. Wind SE F2.

Offshore at the lighthouse today were 106 Great Crested Grebes and a single summer plumaged Red-throated Diver.

Most passerine migration took place in the morning today with a passage of 60 Swallows and 35 House Martins passing east. Hirundine numbers trailed off in the afternoon with just a handful of Swallows passing through, these on a more northerly course offshore into Liverpool bay. A single Flava Wagtail flew over this morning.

Male Redstart near Lingham bridge      AMC
Grounded birds in the Leasowe area included over 30 Wheatears, 4 White Wagtails, 1 Sedge Warbler, 3 Grasshopper Warbler , 3 Whitethroats, 16 Willow Warblers and 8 Chiffchaffs. Most of the Wheatears had moved through by the afternoon. 3 Redstarts were also in the area, probably new birds, with a male and a female in the Park Lane area and a further male near Lingham bridge.
Male Redstart near Lingham bridge         AMC

Willow Warbler. Note the almost white underparts on this individual with almost no trace of yellow. The mantle is a pale grey-brown colour lacking in any of the usual olive tones. Greyish birds such as this predominate in northern regions of Europe such as Scandinavia which is where this bird could possibly be headed. Some authorities consider them a separate race, acredula. The apparently different colour legs is probably caused by light and shadow. Both Willow Warbler shots are of the same bird.  EW. 
There was also a decent arrival of Blackcaps today with a total of 13 birds seen. 5 females appeared together this morning at Lingham bridge with a further 5 mainly male birds appearing mid-afternoon by the duck pond. 3 others were seen at other locations.


Willow Warbler         EW

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