Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday 25th October 2014

Weather; Mostly dull with light westerly wind f2-3

There was no sign of yesterdays Grey Phalarope today despite much searching.
A large corvid movement, mainly of Jackdaws, took place south-east over the lighthouse area this afternoon. A group of 5 Jackdaws, together with a single Rook, were followed by a large group of 85 Jackdaws. Rooks are rarely seen here.

Grounded birds included 2 Grey Wagtails and 8 Goldcrests along Lingham Lane together with 20 Blackbirds.A Blackcap and 2 Goldccrests were in the duck pond area and 2 more Grey Wagtails flew over. The Greenshank roosted on the groyne.
Arctic Tern; From this angle the primaries look rather dark and there are distinct dark bars along the secondaries, very much a Common Tern I.D. feature which caused some confusion. None of us have seen this feature on Arctic Tern before.

Arctic Tern; From this angle the wing pattern appears more typical of Arctic Tern. KD
An adult Mediterranean Gull was offshore together with yesterday's odd 'Commic Tern'. The consensus is now that this bird is an Arctic Tern, probably in 1st summer plumage, hence the dark primaries. These, together with the bird unusually having the Common Tern feature of dark secondaries, led to initial confusion. Most 1st summers remain in the wintering grounds. Observers DH, KD.
Note the short, all dark bill, short legs, and rounded head shape typical of Arctic Tern.  KD.

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