Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Goshawk !

Weather: S/SW-6, overcast and mild

No migrants again today bar a couple of Siskin overhead. The two Twite remain with the Linnet flock whilst the overwintering Greenshank could be found roosting on 'Greenshank Groyne'

A quiet day was livened up  just after Midday today when agitated Corvids raised the alarm of a raptor. A stunned observer was  amazed to see a stunning Goshawk appear from the inland fields,  fly over the coastal scrub and disappear west followed by a small group of crows.

Delight turned to disappointment as a closer look at the photographs just show the jesses above the talons ruling it out as anything other than an escaped falconers bird. The darkish collar may even suggest the influence of  another species. Non the less quite a sight not least for the resident crows. The bird was seen again around 15.00.

AMC, KD and  EW




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