Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Neston, Old Quay

Weather: SE-5, bright and mild

Highlights from Neston, Old Quay during today's high tide included a female Merlin, a female Hen Harrier (photo below) and a couple of Buzzard.  A Water Pipt was seen and heard and eventually photographed, allowing the white outer tail feathers and brown rump to be clinched.

The  Tristis' Chiffchaffs found by Eddie at Denhall at the end of 2012 were educational for us all and allowed most of us to refresh our learning about this sub species.  So with at least six Chiffchaffs at Neston sewage works today it was perhaps no surprise that another Tristis type was found in the vegetation bordering the works perimeter. 

AMC, KD and EW

Photos AMC

Foreground vegetation preventing a clear shot  of this  Tristis (AMC)



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