Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Yellow browed Warbler

Weather: E/SE force 3-4. Overcast and mild.

Yet another blustery day producing difficult finding conditions. On an easterly as strong as this, the Nature trail and Bridle way bushes were always going to be the most sheltered. At approximately 09.20, after 20 minutes of searching, there was the 'call' that had been hoped for, a Yellow-browed Warbler. At which point a Yellow b rowed Warbler flew across the bridle path into a small coastal bush on top of the sea defence. What a great bird! A couple of record shots were rattled off and the news was quickly released. These birds which breed in the Siberian Taiga migrate south to winter in Southeast Asia. With such a prolonged period of easterlies it was only a matter of time before one of these Siberian beauties eventually arrived at the Lighthouse. Another or possibility the same bird was' heard only' and independently in bushes by the lighthouse car park an hour or so earlier





The bird settled down into a routine of disappearing for  long periods of time and  then showing well for five minutes at a time allowing for some pretty good shots as the weather began to close in towards mid afternoon. Last seen at approximately 14.45  this ace bird attracted many locals and visitors alike. It was especially pleasing, as for some visitors it was their first Wirral and or lifer Yellow browed Warbler.

With the wind continuing from the east we continue to be hopeful of more Siberian vagrants, we are just days away from the sixth anniversary of the famous Lighthouse Raddes Warbler. We remain optimistic and enthused !


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