Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Weather; force 6 West Northwest, visibility good.

The wind continuing  from the Northwest, once again sea watching was the order of the day. With the wind not quite as strong, numbers were lower than in previous days. Between 9 and 11.30 a.m we recorded from Hoylake the following: Gannet (19), Red throated Diver (3) Red breasted Mergnser (1), Commic Tern (1), Sandwich Tern (9), Fulmar (2), Manx Shearwater (4) and Leach's Petrel (1)

With the wind seemingly increasing during the day a Sea watch from the Gunsite (Leasowe) on the Ebb tide seemed like the logical decision and one that proved productive. Between 12.30 and 14.00 9 Leach's Petrel battled their way into the wind and a Grey Phalarope landed on the sea before continuing west. Some record shots of a mid distant leach's petrel were taken from the car !

Further west, a hopeful search in the low tide gutters and pools for the Phalarope produced some wind blown waders doing their best to stay upright in the strengthening wind.

            Cyanea capillata- one of many washed up during the storm

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